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To provide
high quality environmental information in a timely and cost effective manner and help our society do service today and have the world they want  tomorrow...
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A sodality of few environmentalists, providing environmental consulting and management services for industries of the public and private sectors.
"When the earth is shaken with a violent shaking,
And the earth reveals what burdens her,
And man says: What has befallen her?
On that day she shall tell her story...."

" We Can Make a World of Difference-Care about the Environment"
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Those who
plant a tree,
plant a hope.
Earth Day 2012
&   i  n  f  o  r  m  a  t  i  o   n    c e  n  t  r  e

Enviro Services &
Information Centre (ESIC)

is a platform for environment knowledge sharing and development.

ESIC is an independent state agency that aims to protect and enhance the state's air, land and water resources. We teach and learn in order to meaningfully engage with each other and the world.

ESIC is dedicated to educating students to become active inquirers and socially engaged leaders empowered to create a sustainable future.

Our vision is to help our society do service today and have the world they want tomorrow and we have the capability and experience to advise our society.