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high quality environmental information in a timely and cost effective manner and help our society do service today and have the world they want  tomorrow...
       Quantum GIS v0.11.0: Quantum GIS (often abbreviated to QGIS) is a free software desktop Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application that provides data viewing, editing, and analysis capabilities. QGIS is a multi-platform application and runs on different operating systems including Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows.
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Greenpeace Amazing Video for 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day
This fragile
Earth deserves a voice.
It needs solutions.
It needs change.
It needs you.
The Earth needs
more people like you
who care about
environmental issues,
more people who will use
their voices to defend it.

Music & Sound: Hecq.
Director: Daniel Bird
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" We Can Make a World of Difference-Care about the Environment"
Those who
plant a tree,
plant a hope.
Earth Day 2012
&   i  n  f  o  r  m  a  t  i  o   n    c e  n  t  r  e