To provide
high quality environmental information in a timely and cost effective manner and help our society do service today and have the world they want  tomorrow...
ESIC's Data Features
- Intensive and interactive database in GIS format
- Layers of spatial environmental data
- Land use data using the latest satellite images with resolution up to 50metre
- Extensive ground truth verifications for land use/land cover data
- Available in high resolution scales
- Processed using sophisticated GIS Software like ArcGIS, ERDAS, MAPINFO etc.
- Attached with metadata to indicate the accuracy and reliability of data
- Structured to respond to environmental clearance questionnaires
- Checked repeatedly through DSVRS involving a number of procedures

Functions of DSVR (Data Storage, Validation and Retrieval System)

Data Creation and
Preliminary Integrity Checks
- Data Entry
- Data Validation
- Data Storage

Data Processing and
Advanced Consistency Checks
- User Interface for Data Retrieval
- User defined Query Management
- Report Generation

Interface with the Statistical
and Graphical Packages

System Maintenance
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